Happy Wheels Unblocked

If you are an avid player, you have surely already enjoyed multiple obstacle courses where your only mission is to successfully reach the final destination. But this time, the task is even more complicated as all your characters move in very specific vehicles. Furthermore, there are so many obstacles and traps in front of you that it is purely impossible to avoid injuries! Do you still believe you are smart enough to cope with this challenge? Then it is time to start!

Experiment with different characters!

The ability to use different heroes is one of the winning features of this project. Each of them is using a special vehicle to move. However, these are not racing cars. On the contrary, they are more than clumsy! For example, your hero can move in a wheelchair, a strange bicycle and even a Segway! The list is long enough for you not to get bored. In the unblocked Happy Wheels, you will immediately unlock all the possible personages. It makes the walkthrough unbelievably attractive as you can continuously change your role and vehicle – one moment you play for Santa, and the other moment, you will ride a cat! There are endless variants to experiment with!

Enjoy all benefits of an unblocked version!

Now you can easily access all the features of Happy Wheels without the necessity to earn points. This is the main advantage of the unblocked game. The path in front of you is never smooth and easy, and it is simply impossible to avoid collisions and injuries. Still, minor wounds and damages will not stop the protagonist. You can even continue your dangerous trip with a hand or leg missing! The main rule is to preserve your head. The gameplay is full of bloody violence even if it is somewhat humorous. However, all scenes are full of blood and not the most pleasant moments of injuries. Are you brave enough to successfully deal with all the trials and still survive? Give it a try right now!

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