Happy Wheels Bottle Flip

Anyone who played Happy Wheels knows this game is full of shit… sorry, thrill! Each of the levels sets a different series of challenges before the player and you never know what kind of a trial is waiting for you. And that’s exactly what makes the game so exciting and addicting. One of the levels that is particularly hard to beat is Bottle Flip. And this version of Happy Wheels is completely dedicated to it!

Are you reflexes good enough to beat Bottle Flip?

To pass this trilling game successfully, you need to show amazing reflexes because hurdles and traps sometimes appear out of nowhere and you have to react quickly to any change of scenery if you want to stay alive. There are also various things you have to do to proceed further – like the very bottle flip this edition of Happy Wheels focuses on. And they also require a lot of agility and dexterity. Even though it’s the dexterity of your fingers. Pressing the control buttons right on time and picking the best moment to perform the entire series of manipulations required to pass the levels is the key to success. Will you be able to cope with all of them? Let’s see!

Simple graphics and hard levels!

Happy Wheels Bottle Flip will delight you with its simple art style, addicting and high-tension gameplay and of course the degree of challenge. The amounts of adrenaline that will be injected into your blood in the process will surely leave you feeling rather refreshed and full of energy after you stand up from your computer or turn off your smartphone. And prepare – there will be blood, albeit purely symbolic one (it’s not depicted realistically), so you’d better keep the kids off the screen! All the rest can stay and have fun controlling this primitively drawn man who is trying to cope with the Bottle Flip challenge. Every time you will be doing it a little bit better, so keep playing until you become a pro at it!

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