Poppy Playtime

Something is wrong with this abandoned factory. A few years ago, this place was a thriving company that produced all kinds of toys – teddy bears and fancy dolls, plastic robots and cute dinosaurs. The star of the line-up was Huggy Wuggy, a cute blue furry monster with a friendly smile. The factory was then hastily closed for no apparent reason. What happened here? That’s what you’re about to discover in Poppy Playtime!

Explore the old toy factory and find out what happened!

Entering inside, you will find yourself in a huge empty room, where there are no traces of human presence for a long time. But the old systems still work – the lights turn on, sound recordings with cheerful music, you can watch videotapes with the history of the company and use equipment and electric doors. In this you will need a special device that you will find in one of the safes. With these two mechanized arms attached to the backpack with wires that extend to any distance, you can easily reach the farthest switches and buttons!

Beware of Huggy Wuggy and other evil toys!

But remember that this is a horror game, so monsters can appear at any time. Yes, Huggy Wuggy and his plush friends are the culprits of all those mysterious and terrible events that happened at the factory. And they will be hunting you! Stay alert even if you’re busy with solving another puzzle and react to every sound. Good luck on this difficult quest!

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