Among Us

They say that being in outer space does not have the best effect on the human psyche. People just can’t stand being face to face with eternal blackness for so long, away from home and generally hard surfaces. For some, this can be an open door to schizophrenia. Most likely this is what happened to one of the members of this spaceship crew – he went crazy and started killing his colleagues one by one. Your task is to figure out who it is and make sure that no one else gets hurt!

Find the killer and kick them off the spaceship!

Among Us is interesting primarily because each character is controlled by a live player. This means that everyone you see on board is acting unpredictably, and not according to the given algorithm, as one would expect from artificial intelligence. Explore the ship, chat with other players and discuss your suspicions in the polls. Look into both eyes – who is acting strange? Who was last seen next to a dead team member? Or maybe it was you who fell into the role of a killer and you are trying to mislead everyone? Then they’d better be careful! Enjoy this exciting detective quest and invite your friends to feel in the next match!

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