Happy Wheels 3

There are plenty of cool indie games with really indie plots. But still, they attract millions of players and allow them to enjoy a handful of thrills. If you are a fan of weird walkthroughs, this is definitely a finding for you. Happy Wheels 3 is a thrilling violence adventure which will give you only one task – to successfully reach the finishing line of a difficult obstacle course. If you are risky enough, it is time to give it a try! We bet you have never tried anything similar!

What wheels will you choose?

The title of this entertainment is not randomly chosen. The thing is that every personage is on the wheels. But their vehicles are more than weird! You can move in a wheelchair or in a shopping cart. Sometimes, you will even control several characters at once, for example, irresponsible mom or dad who ride a bike with their kids. However, it is always one and the same task to complete – you must try to cover an obstacle course and remain alive. There are so many dangers on your way that it may seem not realistic to reach the finishing line. But the good thing is that not all of the obstacles kill you immediately. Some of them can hurt or injure you, but you can still keep moving if your head is on your shoulders. This is not the best view to see your arms or legs being cut off, but violence is one of the game features, even if it is funny designed. However, all these bloody scenes are more appropriate for adult players.

Will your agility pass the test?

If you are determined to succeed, you should not rush. There are many different controls for each personage here, and your primary task is to master them all. If you can make a relevant stunt or move in time, you will definitely manage to avoid many deadly traps. But even an injury will not stop your character from continuing the trip. So do not get surprised when your arm or leg falls off but your personage does not stop. He can move even without legs and arms – just watch carefully not to lose your head. However, the major attacks will destroy your personage completely, and you will have to start everything from the very beginning. Do not forget to experiment with all characters you find in the menu. And do not miss updates – the developers keep adding new personages and challenges to complete.

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