Short Life

We rarely stop and think that our life is actually a very short and fragile thing. But when that thought does cross our mind, it has the effect of a thunder. Some people get OCD and start washing their hands a hundred of times per day, others sit down and comprise a list of things they have to tick off this year because it may well be their last one. And some decide that, in such case, there is no need to really tremble so much our our lives and gets hooked up on some adrenaline-packed activities. Like the main hero of Short Life!

Life is short, so let’s go wild!

In this game, you have to complete a series of levels filled with obstacles and dangers. Your character will be risking his life almost every second, and it’s up to you and your reflexes whether he will get to the finish line alive – or at least with some of his limbs intact. Try to give him a helping hand, even if his own ends up getting lost somewhere halfway!

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