Happy Wheels 2

What about some bloody fun time? You can gain such an experience in a thrilling physics-based game – here you need to go through an obstacle course and remain alive. Nothing seems new – all racing games have a similar task. But wait until you accept the challenge – your inadequate character will not be able to avoid all obstacles, and you will witness serious consequences! Are you still ready to test Happy Wheels 2 and see all this cartoon-looking violence?

Experiment with all available characters!

You will surely be surprised to discover what personages you can play for. All of them are with wheels! But do not expect to see a super-fast racing car – everything is much more complicated! Each hero will have a really strange vehicle – it can be a wheelchair, a Segway, a shopping cart and so on. To be honest, these are not the best transportation means for overcoming various obstacles, but there is no way back. Select your character and start the adventure! You never know what kind of dangers will appear in front of you the next moment – these are different barriers, spikes, pits and even an elephant which can crash you in a blink of an eye! What is really awesome – you can cut off some parts of your body and still continue this insane race. But when your head is off, the game is over for you!

Is that possible to survive?

Many players give up after a few attempts, saying it is not realistic to win in this entertainment. But you should look at it as a puzzle. Every situation has a workable solution if you study it and think logically. By the way, the system of controls is quite complicated here. You need to take some time to get acquainted with all moves your hero can do. Otherwise, you will not be able to hold out for too long. At the same time, the game is designed in a way to force you to bump into various obstacles as often as possible and bring harm to your personage. But as long as you manage to keep head on your shoulders, you still have a chance to reach the finishing line. For more fun, experiment with different personages – their list is constantly growing. Go through a unique trial and incredible fun with each of them!

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